Lost Your Marbles

Lead Game Programmer


A visual novel combined with a 2D marble game! Help Prota find her dog Minty by talking with the fantastical (and absurd) inhabitants of Pomegranate Village. Your dialogue choices in the overarching narrative are determined by the exits you take in the marble mazes.

Bubbly letter spell out "Lost Your Marbles" on a checkerboard background.
A character named Prota asks a cactus named Spiky Jon about her missing dog.
A marble travels through a 2D maze below the heading "Choose the paper!"


Lost Your Marbles was developed for Playdate Season 1. Some notable things I ended up building throughout the development process:

  • A custom mini physics engine super-optimized to the game's features, since running full physics at a decent frame rate on the Playdate was a challenge.

  • A branching narrative system with enough flexibility to allow the team's writers to deliver their story.

  • A visual-novel-esque dialogue system.

  • An in-game level editor with a custom baking and minification process so that levels could be developed quickly while still running at a smooth frame-rate.


Lost Your Marbles will be available on the Playdate handheld device in the very near future. Stay tuned!


Direction: David Bedard

Writing: Kim Belair

Design: Will Stacey

Programming: Ayla Myers

Art: Will Herring

Sound and Music: Neha Patel

Editing and Concept Art: Ariadne MacGillivray

Editing: Sean Hennegan